About Us

About Us

The foundation was born from a Student Private Organization (education and culture field) established in 2004 and located in Berlin, Germany. Progress Prima Pendidikan Foundation declared its existence in Indonesia in 2006 and has dedicated itself as an International Education Consultant Institution, with alumni graduating from postgraduate in Germany and Malaysia who are experts in the education and training field. Our foundation has also been cooperating with the Studienkolleg (Pra-University) TU Berlin in Germany since 2008, where we held the entrance exam to the Studienkolleg directly in Indonesia every year. Board of Trustee : Ir.H. Abel Tasman Supervisor : Virtha Meilda Akbarizqa, SPd, MA Board of Executive Chairman Secretary Treasurer : Don Haidy Abel, ST,MBA&E, LMP-NLP : Hj. Sri Murniati : Khazali Kadir The dedication of PROGRESS to education and culture is expanding, as evidenced by the establishment of a training center (Trainingszentrum) and collaboration with several institutions and government agencies, which validate this institution under YAYASAN PROGRESS PRIMA PENDIDIKAN.


Yayasan Progress Prima Pendidikan :

Board of Trustee : Ir.H. Abel Tasman

Supervisor : Virtha Meilda Akbarizqa, SPd, MA

Board of Executive

Chairman           : Don Haidy Abel, ST,MBA&E, LMP-NLP

Secretary           : Hj. Sri Murniati

Treasurer            : Khazali Kadir



“To be the Best and Trusted Educational and Training Consultant Institution”


One-Stop Service Training Center of Pre-Bachelor, Pre-Master, Pre Doctor Specialist and Pre-Vocational Programs in Indonesia and Abroad. Establishing officially licensed German and English Language Schools through Online and Offline learning. Establishing strong partnership and cooperation with government and private institutions, particularly formal and non-formal educational institutions in Indonesia and overseas.


PROGRESS, a subsidiary of the Progress Prima Pendidikan Foundation, is an international education consultant based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was formed by some German postgraduate and doctoral degree program alumnae with competence in higher education management. It is comprised of professional team members who have had extensive experience since 2004. Its primary mission is to assist, support and prepare Indonesian students who wish to study abroad or participate in an internship program in Germany, Switzerland, and France. A proven and unique training center of PROGRESS caters for a one-stop service solution for the students by unleashing their potential, talent and passion. Our services include academic consultancy and bureaucratic services, an English learning center with speci­c programs such as TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, and IELTS preparation test, German course programs such as German TELC test, Studienkolleg (pre-university) domestic preparation test, and a cultural program designed to prepare Indonesian students before they leave for Germany so that they can live as well as interact within a new society and culture with a strong English and German language background.


YAYASAN PROGRESS PRIMA PENDIDIKAN Amendment of Notarial Deed No.02, 13 April 2020, Ade Triaya, SH, Sp.1 Notary Public Amendment of Notarial Deed No.01, 04 Oktober 2013, Ade Triaya, SH, Sp.1 Notary Public Notarial Deed No.02, 01 Agustus 2012, Achmad, SH Notary Public Letter of Approval of the Minister of Justice No.AHU-2010.AH.01.04 Tahun 2013 Taxpayer Registration Number (NPWP) 03.203.534.7-076.000