Pra Bachelor

Pra Bachelor

Germany Is one of the favorite countries in Europe of students from around the world to continue their study. The system and quality of educational institution in Germany, are famous to be excellent in the field of education, research and technology.

PROGRESS provides Pre-Bachelor training program (trainingszentrum) in Indonesia and Germany for the student, generally including :

Service Program in Indonesia :

  1. Intensive Program for National Examination Preparation.
  • The Training of intensive program for National Examination Preparation.
  1. Consultation, Guidance and Application.
  • Psychological Tes, Consultation to choice the major and the submission of Pre-University application from (8 Studienkolleg), and document translation into Germany .
  1. Super Intensive Plus German Language School Program and Examination.
  • Training of super intensive German Language School Program and Examination of level A1 – B2 (1.115 lessons)
  • Entrance Examination Program Studienkolleg + mathematics.
  • Additional lesson after intesive class (406 lessons)
  • Official TELC (The Europe Language Certificates ) test in Jakarta
  • Official Pre – University Examination in Germany (Aufnahmepruefung) in Indonesia – Jakarta.
  1. Bureaucracy
  • Offer letter arrangement from Germany
  • Student’s Bank Account application arrangement in Deutsche Bank.
  • Study Visa Application arrangement.
  1. Workshop
  • Cultural workshop and 10 other workshop themes.
  1. Pre Departure
  • Flight ticket , airport tax and baggage arrangement and assistance to Germany.

Service Program in Germany :

  1. Shuttle and Assistance.
  • Shuttle in Airport amd assistance to imigration and quick tour araound the city until the accomodation premies.
  • Full day assistance with professional mentor for 2 (two) months in Germany.
  1. Bureaucracy.
  • Domicile permit arrangement, insurance, tranportation and confirmation of activation of the Deutsche Bank account of the Students in Germany.
  • Report about students to Indonesian Embassy document legalization and translation for Conselor in German Embassy, and study visa prolongation in Germany.
  1. Application and Assistance.
  • The arrangement of application for of Pre-University (Studienkolleg) and the guidance of test preparation for (Studienkolleg) in Germany.
  • Orientation in the destination city of the examination (Aufnahmetest), assistance to the location of examination and to go back to the accomodation after examination.
  • Privat course mathematics with native.
  1. Bureaucracy. : Cultural Workshop and 8 other workshop.