Pre Medical Doctor Spesialist

Pre- Medical Doctor Spesialist

PROGRESS provides Pre- Medical Doctor Spesialist training program (trainingszentrum) in Indonesia and Germany for the student, generally including :

Service Program in Indonesia :

  1. Consultation, Guidance and Application;
  • Check list document.
  • Translation Document into Germany
  • Legalization document of the Ministry


  1. Intensive German Language School Program
  • Online German Course with Progress teacher Competency Level : A1 – B1
  • Online German Course direct Classes from Germany (competen native speakers) with tutoring assistance Competency Level B2/C1


  1. Medical Doctor Certificate Legalization;
  • Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education
  • Ministry of Justice and Human Rights
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany


  1. Bureaucracy
  • Student’s Bank Account application arrangement in Deutsche Bank
  • Study Visa Application arrangement.


  1. Pre-Departure
  • Flight ticket , airport tax and baggage arrangement and assistance to Germany.


Service Program in Germany :

  1. Shuttle and Assistance
  • Shuttle in Airport amd assistance to imigration and quick tour araound the city until the accomodation premies.
  • Full day assistance with professional mentor for 6 (six) months in Germany.


  1. Academic Bureaucracy
  • Advance C1 Level class + Medical Terms Course (Sprachkenntnisse)
  • Approbation Preparation Class Regionale Landesärztekammer Examination (local body of chambers of medical doctors)
  • Placement Proceedings and Acceptance Process

(Assistenzarzt Program with salary, leading to Facharzt/ Medical Specialty )